Our company was founded last year and we focused mainly on promoting ourselves through youtube and other social media sources. We started gaining much attention and reputation online ,therefore we decided to create a website in order to keep our organization at it’s utmost quality. Here at EpicMethods we focus on the quality over the quantity. We provide amazing methods, leaks, exploits, ebooks and much more. We want to teach you and save you time and money. Now you may ask why would we help random people out without any profit? It’s too good to be true right? Well we gain our revenue through our fellow sponsors and advertisers. It is a sufficient amount in order to keep us running . This helps us manage our website and directly effects the high quality content we deliver you. We find various methods and exploits with a vast amount of research. Our mission is to help you gain knowledge and to ease the difficult tasks you may come across in your life.

Our company was founded by a team of 6 individuals and we will continue to run this website as long as our members are satisfied with us!

If you are in need of any help please contact usĀ 


Our support team manager Alice will be more than happy to help you!


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